Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts

Yasmyne Teo

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The Museum of Fine Arts is a great place to visit, and has many things to offer. Kearns High students would love to see the museum. Imagine going all the way up to Salt Lake City and parking then walking through those glass doors. You walk to the front desk and pay your entry to walk around the place. It’s an amazing feeling being in a place of creativity and a flow of calm and happy energy.
While visiting, the cougar claw got to receive a perspective on the museum. As well as what they think of artistic importance and a few other things.
MaryAnne Levine, a former professor, was asked a few questions. We asked her what of art do you like or value? She answered with the beauty, colors, and the stories behind the art. Then as well as what she thought on the importance of art, MaryAnne stated simply that it informs people of culture, time, and history. She also expresses that the certain people who inspire art are impressionists. As well as the part of the museum she recommended was the paintings.
Seeing the museum, there were so many people who enjoyed the art. It being a school day of September 20, 2017, don’t really expect many people to be there.
That leaves out the detail of what the trip to the museum was for. The purpose of being there was to explain the importance of art and what it does for people. Why is art important? Art is what helps people express themselves freely. It shows a person’s feelings and their thoughts on any certain object or thing. Just how artists put apart of themselves in their work, as well as a lot of effort. It takes time, patience, and focus to concentrate on what they are creating.
Our students at Kearns High are all very artistic, so feel free to pay the museum a visit. It is a lot of fun to see the different pieces and what they represent.
What are certain pieces of art at the museum you may ask? Well let’s see what artworks may interest you in seeing. There were so many kinds to look at while being there. So let’s take a look at a few of them and tell you all about those few.
The first one is an oil canvas painting called, “Silvery Night”(pictured bottom right.) This artwork shows a moonlit forest with a “somber mood” as they described. It was made by Ralph Albert Blakelock. This painting was undated so that being said we do not have a date when it was made.
There is also an artwork called, “Tear Laced Skin”, this was made of tiny speakers and electrical wires. The speakers give off a sound of human voices that fill the gallery, giving off abstract composition. Made by Julianne Swarts in the year of 2014.
The last piece that will be mentioned is another piece of art is called, “Daniel Webster”. This is a sculpture made of marble and resembles, as said in the title, Daniel Webster. The statue has Daniel with a face of no emotion or as said the sculpture of his ace shows a scowl look. Tis was made by artist Shobal Vail Clevenger in year 1838.
Go pay a visit someday to the museum of fine arts and see if you like it. It’s such a family friendly place and is very enjoyable.

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