Top 10 Places To Go For Christmas

Sarah White and Autum Egeland

It’s that time of year where millions of people go around the world to meet family, enjoy vacation, travel or just stay at home. Christmas is a very big holiday and one of the most popular holiday’s to go travelling; so here are the top ten places you should have in mind if you’re looking for a place to go this year.
1.Your Own Home
This can easily be number one, this is where you’re the most comfortable and you know it better than anywhere else. No description is needed except that your home is the place you enjoy to be at the most during the holidays, it’s the time of year where all anyone wants to do is rest, hang out with friends, family, and do what you love to do most. Sit by the fire, lay in your bed, and drink something warm, Christmas in your house is always an option.
2.Los Angeles, California
There’s always so much to do in LA in the first place, but Christmas here is very fun. You can go to the Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, Candy Cane Lane, the Holiday Sing-Along at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker. (Info found from: ‘The Grove’ 7 Los Angeles’ 11/6/2017) LA makes sure everyone there has a good time, either with family, friends, or by yourself. Students at Kearns said they had family here, that’s the biggest reason why they wanted to go, plus the amazing activities LA holds.
Overall, Hawaii is the most luxurious place in this top ten. All around Hawaii there are many fun things to do, light shows to see, fairs to be a part of, and shows to watch. The Kohala Aina Fest and Na Makua Invitational Christmas Gift Fair are very full and inviting events to visit and enjoy with anyone. The food and drinks here are amazing and anyone would enjoy them, all around the islands have great food. The fairs and fests are very inviting and you can interact with so many people, since they’re very popular and Hawaii is an extremely popular place to go.
4.Mexico (Mexico City)
Mexico City is such an amazing and cool place to go for travelling and holidays if you haven’t been there before, the attractions here that would be great to go to would be the following: Alameda Central, “Snow” in Antara Fashion Hall, The Nutcracker Nochebuenas in Xochimilco, and Lights at Zócalo (Info found from: ‘Travel + Leisure’, ‘Top Christmas Attractions In Mexico City’ Cristina Alonso 12/10/2014) The multiple light shows and places are sure to be fun in Mexico City. Christmas trees are growing in popularity there, so there should be more to enjoy.
Idaho is much closer than California, but it’s also a nice place for the holidays. There’s things like the St. Alphonsus Festival of Trees, Christmas Tree Farms, The Coeur d’Alene Resort’s Holiday Light Show, McCall Winter Carnival, and the Winter Garden aGlow. (Info found from: ‘’ under Main – Christmas – USA ‘Christmas In Idaho’) These places and attractions are very fun and entertaining, doing these with anyone or by yourself would be the best option.
6.Tokyo, Japan
Residents in Tokyo, Christmas is kind of a letdown for them. But they see Christmas as a romantic date night for couples. That means that the city’s poshest restaurants are opened for couples. They do brisk trades in candlelight and wine-soaked meals. Or try the Japanese take on Christmas dinner. Enjoy some “KFC” chicken and a “Christmas cake” of a strawberry shortcake with a little Santa Claus on top (Info found from: ‘Travel + Leisure’, ‘How To Spend Christmas In Tokyo’ Selena Hoy 12/8/2015) That or you can go out to see some amazing Christmas lights, since Tokyo has a ton of lights and tall buildings there.
Christmas in Europe, they are filled with snow, time-honored traditions, Gothic churches with the greatest choirs, and the most charming medieval squares that come to life by colorful Christmas stalls. Some cities in Europe celebrate Christmas in a grand style, but others have peculiar customs and yuletide nostalgia aplenty. In Vienna Austria, it’s hard to find a city such as this to celebrate Christmas with such grace and elegance. In Copenhagen, Denmark, Christmas finds Copenhagen a brimming with shining lights with festive spirits, and hyggelige cafes. That is where inventive designs and legendary Danish coziness blend with such harmony to make your experience unique. (Info found from: ‘’ under ‘Europe – Christmas – Cities ‘7 Best Christmas Cities in Europe’)
8.New York
We all know New York City is one of the biggest cities in the USA and how enormous their buildings are in NYC. And this year is the greatest time to go to NYC! They sure have the brightest lights to shine their buildings with joy and decorations to put on their big Christmas tree in the middle of the city to celebrate joy, happiness, and love for others and shower spirits for Santa to come to town! They have an ice rink for families and friends to skate and have fun with the big and slippery ice! Watch your step though.
Christmas trees are very important in Germany. Christmas trees were first used during the Middle Ages. If there were children in the houses, the mother would secretly decorate the tree. Germany is very well known for their Christmas markets where there are all sorts of foods and decorations are all sold out. Glass ornaments are mostly sold for decorations. Glass ornaments are originally blown glass and were imported in USA. (Info found from: ‘’ under ‘Cultures – Germany’)
10.Las Vegas, Nevada
Even though Las Vegas is smacked in a desert, but in Sin City, you may think Christmas is not a big deal in Las Vegas, but you’re wrong! In Santa’s run riot downtown, cacti transforms into Christmas trees! In Las Vegas, they have festive spectacles, ice skating, and other Christmas fun! And maybe get a little merry or have a mistletoe hung over your head in their bars and lounges. (Info found from: ‘’ under ‘Las Vegas – Things To Do – Christmas Events In Las Vegas’)

From 1-10, the students of Kearns High School chose in a survey, their favorite places to go for Christmas. Hopefully this will give you ideas for Christmas, or you can be comfortable in your home and enjoy what you have.