Why Should People Go Outdoors

Katie Gorman, Writer for Lifestyle

Do you find yourself guilty of overusing your phone? When was the last time you thought of going on an outdoors activity? Instead of sitting inside your house on those electronics you should try and indulge in at least one outdoor activity throughout your day. In the interview with Mrs. Robinson I asked why should people get out more? She states, “People should get out more because there is a lot more to see and experience that you are not accessing when your inside.” Also, did you know there are at tons of activities and landmarks you can visit here in Utah. Here are some of the many places you can go visit the next time you feel like going on an outdoor adventure. If you like car rides and pretty sites you might be fairly interested in some of these places if you haven’t been. There’s even a plus most of them are close!

One of the most favorite sites is Little Cottonwood Canyon, this is a great destination when you are in need of a long car ride, change of scenery or even a hike if you want to get out and explore. The drive there is only, 25 miles from Salt Lake City, Little Cottonwood Canyon can be reached by taking the 6200 South “Canyons” exit from I-215 and continue east to the canyon on U-210 following signs for Snowbird and Alta. Once you get there the drive will be well worth it even though this is a greatly visited place. There are tons of trails to discover and even more sites to experience. You can take you hike all the way to the top and look down over the trees and even the city. On the way back down through the canyon you get to enjoy the view of the whole city spanned out.

Another fantastic site to see is Antelope Island, a strange but exotic place to visit. The best part of this island is you get a good taste of the open country. The drive to Antelope Island is to die for, you get to see the whole Great Salt Lake fan out into the distance. It is the largest of 10 islands isolated within the Great Salt Lake, and is home to a large amount of animals that roam from bison to coyotes. I guarantee you will see a large amount of Antelope running in groups through the open land. The best part about it is you can load a car up and it will only cost ten dollars to get in per vehicle. You’ll have a blast experiencing the open land especially during the night when you get to watch the sun set into the water and watch as the stars spread throughout the sky.

Lastly another very fun place to visit would be doughnut falls which is in the top of big cottonwood canyon. Drive 9 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyons to the Mill D Trail head. Take a right towards the Jordan Pines picnic area. You’ll pass private summer homes on your way to the trail head parking lot. Follow the signs to Donut Falls. You get to start out by walking on a normal path and it changes into dirt. Then from there you can either take the forest area with many twists and turns which will end up taking you to the bottom of a waterfall. Or you can take the way that is extremely steep and take it straight up to the top of the waterfall. Either way you get to experience many views from each side. The water eroded the rock to make it look somewhat like a doughnut. You can take your socks and shoes off and stand under the freezing cold water. You’ll definitely love this if you like the water scene.

In conclusion there are many things to do that don’t have to include electronics or indoor activities. Get out and live that life that you have, that you only get once. During the interview the cougar claw asked Mrs. Robinson what it is that she loves about being outside? “The views you get to experience.” Once you get to see these for yourself, you’ll see that you have been missing out on the blast of a lifetime. Especially when you mix it up and see multiple views that express the world itself. The cougar claw asked Mrs. Robinson what would have to be her favorite local hike? She states that, “My favorite place to hike is the Mount Timpanogus because it may be hard, but you get to indulge in the awesome reward in the end”. These places are full of many colors and structures, that make the place stand out. So, get out of the house and grab you friends to indulge in outdoor activities.