Marvel’s Daredevil Returns to Netflix for a Third Season

Noelia De la Cruz, Lifestyle Writer

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Kearns- The wait is finally over for comic fans as Marvel’s Netflix series, Daredevil, is coming back for a third season. The series follows blind lawyer-by-day and vigilante-by-night Matt Murdock as he tries to balance his two worlds. However, as we have seen with many other heroes’ time and time again, this is no easy task. Which Murdock learns the hard way as his normal life is slowly but surely fading away with almost no hope for returning.

From what we’ve seen in the trailer for season 3, it seems that the show picks up from where The Defenders left off, with Murdock presumed dead by everyone. This is also where we see the return of his mother, Sister Maggie, who had left both her son and husband when Murdock was just a young boy to join a convent. Aside from the undoubtedly emotional reunion, however, there are also bigger things in store for the blind vigilante. Murdock’s arch nemesis, Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin), is freed from prison after being put in jail in the first season finale. When Fisk makes a deal to get out of jail and is freed, he wastes no time in making Daredevil (Matt Murdock’s alter ego) appear as a menace to the public.

However, in the trailer we also see that Murdock is wearing his Man in Black costume once again while someone else is running around in the Daredevil costume. Which means that it’s not Murdock wearing the costume but someone else; someone with more sinister intentions. When both the Man in Black and Daredevil finally confront each other, Murdock asks the question, “Who are you?” The new Daredevil simply just replies with, “I’m Daredevil.”

Numerous fans who have seen the trailer have a theory about who this new Daredevil is. The theory is that the man donning the Daredevil costume right now is a villain popular to comic fans, Bullseye. Known for his expert marksmanship and killing nearly all (if not all) of Murdock’s love interests, it seems that Bullseye is at last making his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. The trailer hints at this by showing the new Daredevil throwing one of his batons at Murdock and his aim was perfect- just like Bullseye would have done. We won’t know for sure if that’s really Bullseye wearing the Daredevil costume until season 3 is available, though.

To watch the trailer, you can click here. Daredevil season 3 premieres on Netflix on October 19.