“New Year New Me”


Angelina Toala, Staff Writer

Kearns-People hear the phrase “New year, New me” and immediately think of changing themselves and making goals/resolutions for the new year that is coming about, but do they commit and live up to those goals?  A lot of the time, people make resolutions but never succeed.

It is hard for people to commit to them because of distractions and not having a plan to follow. Sometimes, people will be on track and make one mistake and end up quitting their whole resolution instead of starting over and learning from their mistakes.

The Cougar claw interviewd Mrs, Jacobson one of the seven counselors at Kearns high school, states that

“A lot of them want to get good grades, or make a team but a lot of the time students struggle with coming to school, to be able to achieve these goals, due to home situations that prevent them from doing good” when being asked what the most common resolutions are and the struggles with completing them.  “A lot of students want to do good they just have a hard time with getting on the right path.”

Starting a resolution can be difficult. A lot of people try to change their whole lifestyle all at once. “Just pick one thing.” Picking one thing is easier and less stressful, it allows them to try to focus and succeed instead of getting caught in a mess

trying to juggle all your goals at once. Sometimes, that is what leads to failing at their resolutions. One thing that students at Kearns high school can select, as their “one” resolution is staying on the path to success and getting good grades.

Another step in succeeding in new year resolutions is planning ahead. It would be stressing to have this goal that they want to commit to, but not have the resources to help them succeed. After picking the “one” goal, they should see what they have and need to be able to stay on track.  Another task you should pay close attention to is your schedule. Planning ahead involves looking at what your schedule consists of. For example, if somebody wanted to start a diet, which is a big goal for a lot people, they wouldn’t want to start the day before Thanksgiving.

One of the last steps to succeeding in new years’ resolutions is “accepting failure”. Do not give up because of making one or two mistakes. Learn from the things done wrong and rethink what to do to prevent making the same choices, then choose a new date to start and work harder. If the goal was to get better grades, but you fail one of your tests, study more on the subject and ask to retake it, or ace the next test.