Run. Hide. Fight


Dixie Poindexter, Junior News Editor

Kearns- A mass shooting is defined as a shooting in which 4 or more victims are fatally shot. In 2018 alone there has been 409 mass shooting in the United States. The epidemic is becoming more common and high risk organizations like churches, schools, and stores have trained for the protocol Run. Hide. Fight.

As mass shootings continue to happen all throughout the world, people are beginning to fret for their safety. On December 2, Utah’s largest Jewish synagogue, Kol Ami, began to train for the procedure. They began training in response to the Pittsburgh shooting of a Jewish synagogue that took place on October 27. While training, 2 officers available helped members of the church plan out where they may go in the case of an active shooting.

The US Department of Homeland Security has published information on how to survive an active shooter situations.

The first step to surviving an active shooting is to run, when running leave your belongings behind, keep your hands visible, and always be sure to plan how to execute an escape.

The next step is to hide, when hiding it is important to get to a place where the shooter can not see you in the view of doors or windows. Another precaution you should always be sure to take is to silence any electronic devices.

Now, as a last case scenario, you fight. When you are fighting look for things that you can throw at the shooter, this can be books, lamps, desks, vases, and anything you are capable of projecting.

The final step to surviving an active shooter, and to helping others survive as well, is to always call the police when it is safe to do so. If you have escaped the building or if you’re in a place far from the shooter(s), where they are not going to hear you, call the police. When you’re speaking with the police, let them know the known number of shooters with a description, the location of the shooters, and how many weapons, along with what type of weapons that the shooter(s) have.