Helping Kearns be Kind

Brianna Osness

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Kearns High is a place full of courageous and kind people, but in high school there often is an overwhelming sense of negativity that can plague our halls. Kearns High senior, Elizabeth Hulse, is a face in our student body that stands out with positive energy for all. In a school wide survey, she was voted a Kearns High hero.

Elizabeth states, “I always try to show empathy for others, whether it be just by listening to them, or just talking to keep them company. I always try to look on the brighter sides of situations and, do the best I can to help those in need. I always try to be there for them.”

In an interview with the Cougar Claw, greater insight is given for the motivation behind the positive attitude that Elizabeth strives to give off. “I care about the wellbeing of others. I don’t like the anxiety of knowing that they feel hurt or lost, so I use that as my motivation to try to drive them to better thinking,” Hulse states. “I do consider it my best quality. It’s something that I’m actually proud to achieve. I only hope I can use it more.”

It takes a lot to project kindness, and to be that way with everyone but the student body here at Kearns can appreciate such an effort.

At the conclusion of the interview the Cougar Claw asked Elizabeth if she could tell the student body anything what would it be? She said, “Please try to spread more kindness around the school and notice students who need it! and the students here have achieved great things!”

It takes a lot to be positive and project not only a good attitude for oneself but also for others. That effort is what makes Kearns High’s Elizabeth Hulse a hero.