Holly Biesinger

Dixie Poindexter

Holly Biesinger, a student at Kearns high school, is known by her peers to be a hometown hero, because of her kindness towards other students along with teachers and other peers, she is recognized by other students as a huge part of our community.

Holly is a swimmer on the Kearns High swim team. She is known to work very hard and is always willing to help her peers whether it be educationally or emotionally. In a survey these were only a few reason why Holly was nominated a hero to her peers.

The Cougar Claw had interviewed Cora Willden a student at Kearns High School. When asked what may have lead to the belief that Holly is a hero, Cora responded, “ I believe that Holly must’ve been born and raised into a family with high morals, and for her it must’ve been learned behavior.” Cora continues, “Holly also has very high respect for individuals. She excludes all the drama out of her life, which makes it easier for her to be happy and help others in any way she can.” When asked how she has witnessed Holly be a hero to her peers? Cora answered “she has definitely been a shoulder for me to cry on a few times. I know she does the same for others”

Holly has been a hero for things as simple as being a kind and understanding person for her peers to look up to. She is respectful to everyone who comes across her path. Holly is a very hard worker who always exceeds academically, and in swimming. She is a very goal-oriented person and continues to try and break records in swim, and works daily to achieve her goals. Holly continues to be a hero for everybody by always setting an example. The Cougar Claw and her peers would like to thank Holly for being a good person.