Latinos In Action

Dixie Poindexter

Latinos in Action (LIA) is a non-profit organization that opened up many scholarship opportunities to high school students. They are a community based program full of heroes that is known to help those who are struggling. They do service work such as giving their time to homeless shelters and feeding them with things such as burritos, they also clean up neighborhoods, and work with children to help them in reading, english and school.

In an interview with Alicia Reyes, a member of Latinos In Action, the Cougar Claw asked, what is one of the biggest projects that Latinos in Action has taken care of and done for the community? She responded, “ we have done what we call the burrito project. We go to the homeless shelter and make burritos for the homeless.”

Alicia continues, “we have also done tutoring where we go to the elementaries and help the kids with reading and fluency.” Latinos In Action also raises money for organizations through things such as the End Alzheimers walk.

The Cougar Claw asked a of Kearns High School student, Natalee Williams, how she felt about Latinos In Action. Natalee Williams says, “ Latinos In Action does a lot of good work not only for the community, but also for our school,” she continued, “ They definitely make our school a brighter and happier place.” The Claw followed up asking her, how do you believe that Latinos In Action has benefited our community? She answered, “ Latinos In Action has bettered our community by going to schools and tutoring. When I was a kid I was always excited for them to come and help us. They always did activities and helped us learn, and they helped us become more social.”

Latinos In Action has shown to be very helpful towards all students and our entire community through their work. They are willing to give up their time in order to help other people throughout our community and to make our environment a better place. The Cougar Claw would like to thank Latinos in Action for all of their hard work.