Health, Happiness and Heroes


Dixie Poindexter

Emily Williams is a mother of 3, and a teacher at Kearns High School. She has worked at Kearns High school for 13 years. Multiple students nominated her as a hero of the community.

The belief that Emily Williams is a hero has come from the fact that she is a very caring teacher. With many comments stating she is kind and she is always willing to help her students, and always is very supportive of her students and their success.

One comment that stood out was “She has helped me through my concussion and will let me come to her with outside related problems. She is a great teacher and friend!” a comment made by Brenaya Thomas, a Kearns High student who nominated Mrs. Williams as her hero.

When Thomas was asked, how Mrs. Williams cared for her after she got her concussion, She responded, “ Once I had my concussion, I was struggling a lot in school and mentally I was breaking down. Mrs. Williams really supported me and the process it took for me to get better. She was there for me the entire way.”

Araceli Rios, who is a student at Kearns High as well, commented, I needed two recommendations for an important scholarship and only she responded. after asking multiple people for suggestions, she says “Williams was willing to help the first time.”

Mrs. Williams is a hero in our community and our faculty for many different reasons. She has always been willing to listen to and understand her students. Williams said, “I try to just listen and communicate with them and help them know I understand if they need more time. I try to empathize with them and let them know I understand what they’re going through.” This statement has been shown true from the many students who stated her as their hero.