Athlete of the Month – Surreya Moore


Kayden Malik, Sports Junior Editor

Kearns – There are lots of Kearns High players, and we are going to feature this one outstanding player. Surreya Moore is a junior at Kearns High School, captain on the girls’ varsity soccer team. Surreya. Moore plays the forward position averaging 0.3 goals per game, and averages 5 assists per game. The team record is 3-5 over but 0-2 in the region. Their next opponent is Cyprus, and they are 2-5.

The Cougar Claw interviewed Moore about her sport and her goals while moving forward. Moore wants to make it to the region championships, which hasn’t been done in 18 years.

This is a big goal for Surreya; she has been playing since she was eight the confidence has built up, and she is ready for this season. Her teammates, coach and mom have a big part in her success by motivating her everyday pushing her to be a better her and always letting her know that it’s okay to fail.

When she plays well, she feels happy because she knows that she did good when pressure is on she just relaxes and breathes then gets back into the game. She wants to go to college and play college ball.

For anyone considering joining a new sport, always know that with the right confidence and practice habits, you can achieve the same thing that Surreya has.