Keeping it Kearns

Reading Between the Lines


Jesus Dominguez

What can a boundary change mean for your children or siblings? Every year the Population Analysis Committee (PAC) presents the District Board information on the population in the Granite District. The PAC provides recommendations, plans, and studies on how to handle the next generation of students. Influencing decisions on funding, school operations, and boundary changes. This year was no different; the PAC has gone to present various plans to change the boundaries of the surrounding schools and in Kearns. Specifically, The Bangerter Corridor South which aims on expanding the South Kearns elementary boundary and closure of Westbrook Elementary.

Throughout the course of the year 2019, hearings public and private on the boundary change has gone on from February through September and just recently November and December. Public notifications were announced in forms and mailing correspondents in the affected areas, not just parents, but the taxpayers of the area. This allowed sufficient time for citizens to address concerns and possible effects. As of December 5, 2019, the boundary change was approved and will be applied in 2020. The Bangerter Corridor South will expand the boundary of South Kearns, Fox Hills, Arcadia, and Bennion Elementary.

Ben Horsley, head of communication for The Granite School District and member of PAC, spoke on matter. “UDOT along the Bangerter Corridor was removing the walking bridges across the freeway. Our PAC saw it coming and started studying the boundaries, because we do not want kids to be crossing the boundary to get to individual schools…It’s an unsafe situation.” In response the PAC, he said they “Aimed at aligning the boundaries along the Bangerter area so kids didn’t have to cross it.” However, “The problem was with Westbrook. Their population was small It was not feasible to maintain the school, so the PAC made the recommendation (Back in June and July) to the board of education.”

As for the staffing needs and how schools will adapt to increased student population, the Granite School District will increase the number of teachers or FTE according to the school populations. The District is rebuilding to South Kearns in order to account for the increase in students. Ben Horsley stated, “We enlarged their boundary, because we knew people would want to come to the new school.” The overall goal “Is to provide the students with the most opportunities as possible…Maximizing the amount of FTE to start offering a variety of electives”.  Granite School District has made great strides in length and careful analysis in order to provide student with the best possible education that cannot be interrupted by a boundary change.