Fake Messages Create Concern

Marty Tenifa, Student Life Staff Writer

On January 3rd, 2020, a US led air strike on Iran killed a high ranking general named Qasem Soleimani. This caused Iran to state that they will avenge their fallen general, and there were fraudulent messages sent to soldiers calling for a draft into “World War Three”. However, this is was not the outcome.

On top of everything that has happened, there have also been multiple reports of letters and texts being received across the country that say the receiver has been called for deployment. These are fake, as there has been no call for a deployment.

For those who don’t know about what the draft is, here is some information: in the draft, if you are currently enrolled in college or high school, you are entitled to postpone your induction and deployment until the end of the current college semester or high school graduation.

Once someone reaches the age of 35, they are no longer under the selective service act and cannot be drafted for military deployment. While some believe there is a system for deployment, there is no direct order that men are taken into the draft for deployment, and it is done in a way much closer to the lottery.

In the last draft for Vietnam, the military took the birthdays of all men in selective service at that time and used them in a lottery-like act in order to give all involved a fair and even shot.
Despite what many believe, only sons or “the end of a bloodline” are still entitled to be drafted and will need to join selective service at the age of 18.

If someone was to refuse to be inducted after being selected for a military draft or choose not to sign up for selective service they can and will be charged with the crime of draft evasion and will be given a prison sentence along with multiple fines.