ACT Changes Practices During Pandemic

Marylinda Gonzales, Copy Editor

In the midst of COVID-19 schools have closed down, but the Collegeboard is still
planning on administering the annual AP tests. The tests will be open-note and taken at home,
and will take place throughout the month of May. The tests will take 45 minutes. These
conditions are a big change from the usual tests, but the Collegeboard surveyed students, and
91% said they would still like the tests to be administered. How are AP students at Kearns High
adjusting to these changes?
The Cougar Claw had the opportunity to speak to some AP students at Kearns High as
well as some of the AP teachers to see how the changes to the AP test have been affecting them.
Alyana Heaps, a junior taking the AP U.S History test this year had this to say, “I feel
worried and a little scared to take the test. I’m less confident because I rely heavily on the SAQ
and LEQ portion of the test since I’m good at those, but those are no longer part of the test”.
Other than that Alyana feels as if her teacher has been working with her to update her on changes
happening to the test, and she also feels she knows enough information to get by.
Giancarlo Reinoso who is taking the AP U.S History test and the AP Calculus test this
year also spoke to the Cougar Claw. Going into the test this year his mindset is, “Do all that’s
given to me before the test, take the test, gripe about for 5 minutes, then move on. I feel
confident in earlier subjects that we taught.” Giancarlo also believes that his AP teacher has done
a good job of keeping him updated on what is happening regarding the test. He does however
feel that the Collegeboard should offer a partial refund to students taking the test, “We initially
paid for a school day-long test and now it is being reduced to 1 hour at most. Most of our test is
cut now. If we paid for 4 hours of testing, we were expecting to receive that test, but now that the test is cut, we should get money back for it. Proctors for the test won’t have to monitor as long or
at all depending on who is monitoring for the test too. The test itself is a large scale online
endeavor, but it is definitely going to be smaller for what we paid for.”
The Cougar Claw had the opportunity to speak to Nicholas Angell the AP teacher liaison
at Kearns High as well as an AP Chemistry teacher. He had this to say, “The deadline for
students to pay their full AP Test cost is May 1st, 2020. Also, if students feel that they’re not
going to be prepared they should reach out to their teachers. I know that all our AP Teachers
have always been willing to go the extra mile to help ensure our student’s success!”.
Although it appears that some students are facing test anxiety as May approaches one
thing is for sure: the AP teachers at Kearns High are ready and willing to support their students.
Through these unique circumstances teachers and students are doing their best to see success.