The Improved Kearns Library

Closed in late 2018, the Kearns Library has been rebuilt. In 1964 Kearns had opened its first library, to create an environment that kids can go. There people could check out a book, study, or listen to adults coming in to read to children.
Located on 4275 West 5345 South the Kearns library reopened after two years under construction in December of 2020. This 35,000 square-foot facility replaces the former 11,000 square-foot building holding thousands of books, computer access, multiple meeting spaces, an auditorium, a kitchen which allows people to go there to take a cooking class, a gaming area, study rooms. There is a children’s play area, and a ‘Create Place’ with tools, a recording studio for music and video, a sewing machine, and a sublimation printer.
This new building was created and built by the company Arch Nexus. They built a clean energy building with solar panels on the roof.
Due to COVID, staff is only allowing 70 people in at a time, with their masks on and following the social distancing guidelines.