Utah State Fair Fun

Isabella Ryan

From September 9th to the 19th, the Utah State Fair took place. It is definitely a great place to go for a fun time with friends and family. It took place at the Utah State Fair Park. There are many things that you could do at the fair like exhibits, ground entertainment, looking at animals, carnival, all you can ride, tour, derby, rodeo, and some concerts! The cost for admission (per person) was eight dollars. Prices for the activities can go from fifteen to twenty-five dollars (concerts excluded) Some of the exhibits include home arts (quilts, sewing, foods, etc.), photography, floriculture (flowers and plants), fine arts, and much more! The state fair was definitely something exciting and being able to go was incredible. As it is an annual thing, you will be able to go next year. Due to COVID regulations, you could buy tickets online. Masks were recommended, but not required. The Utah State Fair was definitely something to be excited about. It is always worth every penny!