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Yasmyne Teo

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The Cougar Claw presents, performer of the month. The Performer of the month is…Emma Christiansen. Emma is an alto in choir who was nominated for this specific topic.
We caught up with Emma and got her point of view. The Claw asked Emma what being in choir is like. Emma answered simply saying that she loved being in the choir. That it’s not as stressful as other classes are. For her, being in choir is actually quite calming. She explains that choir helps her to relax and relieves her of stress.
What do you enjoy about the choir? “Well, I enjoy the music and the connection between me and the others. The music is what connects us all.” Emma explains this with a whole heart and simple words.
We also asked what singing does for her. She replies that singing helps her relax and calms her down. She also claims singing in front of people and crowds helps her self-esteem.
Emma has loved singing ever since she can remember. She explained that in sixth grade she would listen to her teacher Mr. Martin singing, “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, which was also her favorite song. She also listened to Madrigals when they came to her school. She remembers wanting to be involved in Madirgals as well.
Emma, who has come a long way, is now in Madrigals and has the position of the Social Chair.
Duing her eight grade year, she began singing in choir. She explained to us that in eighth grade she was coached by her dad. She also coached hersef. Compared to today, she has excelled
Congratulations to Emma Christiansen on being this month’s star performer. We wish you a good week and many more happy times.

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