A Hero’s Value

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A Hero’s Value

Brianna Osness

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Kearns- Mrs. Moon is a teacher that revives the high graces of most students. Her constant enthusiasm and willingness to work with not only students’ schedules but hardships make her an educator worth high remarks, and a Hero at Kearns High according to a recent student survey.

“I picked Kearns over other schools because of how wonderfully diverse it is, and how that diversity makes our education so much richer,” Moon states. “I love coming and sharing my love for learning and my enthusiasm of whatever we are doing in class with others.”

Mrs. Moon continues, “A person’s job in life is to help other people realize they are unique and valuable, I want my students knowing when they leave my class that they have a voice and they’re valuable.” Moon goes on talking about how she wants to empower her students by helping them know their potential and impact on the world.

It takes more than just a good work ethic to make a teacher a hero it also takes the willingness to make a classroom a place that students want to be in. “I think when you create an environment in the classroom it’s important to realize that we are all learner’s still, I’m not the foremost expert in everything, and I think all of us have a valuable contribution to make.” she continues, “I think it is really important that when we are learning, we can become disconnected with how it applies to us. I think when we are vulnerable with each other and we share our experiences, it makes us more appreciative of each other, our values, and opinion. Being human with each other is so important, and I’m open with my struggles. I am inspired by students who go through hard things, and that keeps me going”

The final question that the Cougar Claw asked was if Mrs. Moon was going to say anything to the student body what would it be Moon followed up with, “you are loved and valued, there are so many opportunities for you to make a positive impact in the world and community here at Kearns. We all have intrinsic things that we can contribute, and if you can leave with the ability to critically analyze the world around you and be able to understand the issues and both individually and in a larger scale. You can do it.”

Moon leaves us with the motto she likes to give to her students, “You can do hard things.” and it’s that kind of attitude and work ethic that makes her a hero at Kearns High.

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