Granite School District Preschool

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Granite School District Preschool

Alyssa Sainsbury

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Kearns- A study shows Only 48% of kids from low-income families are starting school ready to learn whereas middle class families claim to have 75% of kids ready to learn. In low income families many children under the age of three and five aren’t going to preschool. Contributing factors to this is such: lack of affordable preschool, first grade being the only required first year, or time, regardless, what is the plan to get these children in school?

Fortunately, Granite School District offers a solution. They annually research and set preschool prices at or below neighboring preschools.  Making it either free or very low cost. However, people aren’t aware they have this option, or they believe it will cost them money they don’t have.

The Cougar Claw interviewed the vice principal of Stansbury Elementary, Allison Banks, she had this to say, “Children coming from Head start, a federally funded preschool program, or no preschool at all are not ready, they can’t fit the requirements that are of a kindergartener, such as: tying their shoes, knowing their alphabet, counting to 10, zipping a zipper and so on. Whereas, the children coming from Granite School District preschools are ready and fit the requirements.”

In 2016-2017, 211,000 children under the age of three, in poverty, enrolled in the Head start program. 848,000 children from the age of 3-5 years old, in poverty, enrolled in the Head start program. Nevertheless, it is better for children to be in Head start preschool rather than none at all, but when Granite School District is providing accessible resources, they need to be taken advantage of.

When the Cougar Claw visited the preschool at West Kearns Elementary School, one of the classes we saw was not hardly a full class. With only 17 students the class could easily have 10 to 15 more students. And that is only one classroom we saw, there are multiple classes.

Preschool is important to the growing young minds that are entering school. Making it more comfortable to transition from home life to school life and with the knowledge it also provides helps them stay on track and even ahead. If you have any younger siblings or children at the age of preschool enroll them at the nearest Granite School District preschool.

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