The Voice of Kearns


Guadalupe Carrera

Although our Choir students sound amazing during concerts and performance it’s not always as perfect as it seems. A lot of time and effort go into each performance, just like any other performances in our school. Sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks. Hitting the right note can be hard.
In an interview with Bryan Vernon, who is in Madrigals and Concert Choir, he stated that “We sing songs that have notes for tenors that are higher than my vocal range. Sometimes i have trouble finding the right note.”
Some of the ways he practices are: Stretching, vocal warm ups, and exercises. He also does scales along with tempo, pronunciation, and diction.
A lot of preparation goes into the concerts. In the classroom and outside the classroom. In the classroom they practice for the whole class period.
For students in Concert Choir and Madrigals they have higher expectations. Depending on the day of the concert they have a limited amount of time to prepare. Some who are in other choir classes have more songs to learn for those classes. For example bryan is in both concert choir and madrigals, he has to learn 6 songs for their first concert on October 16th.
Once all the students have prepared for their concert. And practiced as much as they could. Performance day comes quicker than they expected. The auditorium full with people ready to see them perform. The curtains are pulled back and the first note is sung, they realize even though a lot of preparation goes into these, it is all worth it. Not only do they get to do something they all love, but they get to share their talent with the world.
Their concert, on October 16th, was about music all around the world. They sang different songs including, Latin songs and Chinese songs. They explored songs from all cultures. All the choir classes sang. In the last song all the classes got together. All the hard work they had done paid off.
After the last note was sung the audience went wild. Everyone cheering at the great job the choir students have done. They all took a bow celebrating the wonderful job they did done.
Their first concert done. Now to prepare for the ones coming up. New songs to learn. New places to visit. Repeating the steps they took from their first concert and making them even more