Milk and Honey review

Kailan Mendoza

Milk and Honey is an enlightening, relatable collection of poetry published in November, 2014 by author Rupi Kaur. It is a book consisting of short poems divided into only four chapters: The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking, and The Healing. Each chapter serves a different purpose and represents a different process that everyone experiences in life.

The book takes you through a roller coaster ride of emotions. In one sentence, Kaur’s writing can make you feel empowered, while in another – a deep dejection. It follows themes of love, loss, violence, abuse, self-love and femininity in fragmented, non-capitalized or punctuated honest thoughts. There is a poem for everyone within the pages- a line or two that anyone could relate to even if you’re not fond of poetry or even reading itself.

The author obviously put her true thoughts and emotions into each poem. Reading this book is almost like seeing pieces of Rupi Kaur’s heart and mind splashed across the pages like an elaborate watercolor painting. The book makes you appreciate the sweet moments in life, while still allowing you to reflect on the bitter.

“When I was reading ‘Milk and Honey’ I felt a mixture of serenity and sanguine,” said Aubrey Paige, a Utah teen who dubs the collection of poetry as her favorite novel, when asked how she felt after reading the book. “I’ve never related more to writing in my life and I don’t even like reading. I’m glad I took a chance on it.”

However, while many can relate to the subjects this book conveys – there is a lot of criticism over if the writing is true poetry. A few critics have said it is merely pretty sentences with a few actual poems here and there.

On the other hand, many say that the book is raw, brutal, vulnerable poetry coming from an author who does not need more than a few lines to evoke emotion from her readers and get her point across. Rupi Kaur’s simple words seem to pack quite a powerful punch to many readers because her writing is unfiltered and sincere. She’s true to herself and her beliefs. Her poems are not about typical love stories and happiness, they are about the most heartbreaking parts of life and what you can take away from those moments. Her writing is captivating and will leave you with a certain understanding and realization.

“I highly recommend Milk and Honey because even if you haven’t personally experienced all of the topics Kaur covers within the pages- it is very possible that someone you know has. The novel will not only make you more self-aware, but also more aware of those around you. Everyone is going through something, which is why everyone can relate to Milk and Honey. “

It would benefit you to gain some perspective on such gritty and touchy subjects. The novel will make you ponder your own life and realize that many others have experienced similar situations and that you are not alone.