Kearns Youth Football

Maddy Littleford

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The kiddo Kearns peewee football teams made it into championships! Through hard work and perseverance they got the chance to compete in championships and they eventually came out on top. There’s no doubt their parents are proud of their strong tikes for achieving championships. The youth Kearns teams play tackle football as opposed to flag football. However with this decision there’s a higher risk of injuries and accidents that are bound to happen. The Cougar Claw got the chance to interview Kimani Wilson number one on the youth team, at the age of 7 he has played football for this whole season. During this season he and his fellow team players have injured this season. The Cougar Claw also interviewed Kamani’s mom, Jessica Wilson, she is a dedicated Team mom as she is heavily involved with her son’s team. She shows her support every chance she gets, making generous contributions to the team, making items and trinkets in a range from sweaters, jackets to handy things like hand warmers. She even created a few of the decals the kiddos wear on their helmets.
Mothers are always a cheerleader on your team, no matter if the game is won or lost. Little league is not any less challenging or dangerous than high school, college or even professional football. About 2.8 million little league players from ages seven to 14 get injured on the field Kearns youth football provides the opportunity for youngins to play tackle football. The players are not only taught the importance of citizenship but also the all importance of safety in contact sports.

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