West at Kearns

Caitylin Pendleton

The basketball game on November 21, 2017, West and Kearns faced off to play, Kearns came out on top by winning the game 57 to 63.
The 1st quarter went well, both teams were really competitive chasing the ball up and down the court, back and forth, scoring back to back. Kearns defense was on fire, blocking their offence and showing that Kearns is ‘bigger than you’. That puts the 1st quarter to an end at 11 to 15 putting Kearns in the lead by 4.
The 2nd quarter was a little harder for West, it seems that Kearns gave them their all as a team. Kearns was blocking and receiving the ball a lot. Leaving the quarter to an end at 21 to 29 Kearns.
In 3rd quarter, West came back strong, and we were playing the same. Every time Kearns scored so did West leaving the quarter to an end at 45 to 44 West.
After a pep talk from the coaches, 4th quarter rolled around. West gave Kearns all they had, but Kearns give everything to West.
It was an intense game, everyone on their feet because it was so close, West’s fans trying to distract Kearns when they had to make some free throws. Yelling ‘defense’ on both sides when Kearns had the ball and us yelling ‘defense’ when West had the ball. Putting the quarter and the game to a close at 53 to 65.
The Cougar Claw would like to highlight 3 great players, which are Majok Kuath, David Andrew, and Journey Buba. Majok Kuath, jersey number 1, scored 23 points, he is a great offence and defense player. November’s athlete of the month David Andrew, jersey number 3, had scored 18 points, he is a great offence. And Journey Buba, jersey number 2, scored 9 points and he played both offence and defense really well.