Not Enough

Abby Milo

Kearns high—here’s the thing about football, once you start playing the sport you will feel like a whole different person, be it physically strong or physically weak. But before all that, you will have to deal with the lectures from your coaches, and the first lecture they will throw at your face is going to be about discipline, so ready your ears. Take from a veteran football player, not bragging, just saying.

The point is, if we have a clear view of what discipline is, it could affect how we behave as well as how we appear to other people’s eyes. Sure, it’s not easy to always be nice here and there, but were talking about football players here—its lecture every single day once they’re on the field.

Kearns high football head coach Rickards was interviewed on September 18th, 2018. It was clear that he expected much from his players, but it was also the other way around. He was aware of how his players behave around behind his back, “Yes, I’m aware, in large portion but not entirely.” was his reply when he was asked if he is aware of how his young pupils act behind his back on and off the field.

As it stays, Coach Rickards tells us how he goes about dealing with his young’uns here and there. “I have teachers who keeps an eye on them and report back to me. I check their Grades and social media to see how their doing.” he tells us. He explains that their behavior as well as what they do, does of course affect their right as well as to play football now and in the future as well.

In any case, we can’t always expect everyone to be perfect. At some point, we’ve just got to push forward and try our very best to attain greatness.