After Seven Years Utah’s Heroin Deaths Have Dropped

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Kearns – For the first time in seven years, Heroin overdose death rates have dropped by 14.5% in 2016. There were 159 deaths in 2017, in 2016, there were 186 deaths.
On the Deseret News, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox said, “that we may hopefully have turned the corner here,” he then added, “We still have a lot of work left to do.” Utah is one of the nine states that has their Heroin death rates dropped. Overdose death rates have been either accidental or on purpose.
Heroin is a Narcotic drug, meaning it can affect your mood and/or behavior. It is sold for non-medical purposes and can be very fatal to a lot of people. It is super addictive, one use of it and you will be addicted immediately to it.
The Cougar Claw asked Mrs. Eames, the geography teacher here at Kearns High School. “What would be your definition of Heroin?” Eames responded with, “A chemical compound drug, opioid that people ingest primarily intravenously.” Her definition of Heroin is really well described, does have some bigger words, but it is understandable.
The Cougar Claw followed up with, “How can Heroin affect a student here at Kearns High?” Eames took the chance to say, “Lots of drugs, almost drugs have the potential to legit can take your life away” then added, “Heroin you are more prone to overdoses.” Heroin is definitely one of the drugs that makes it a ton easier to overdose on since it is a very potent drug.
Heroin is a very powerful, even influential for most people, people say, “I’m going to try it once and I won’t do it again” but, once they use it. They realize they made a huge mistake, you can try a drug once but then you will become addicted on contact with the drug.
Even though the deaths have dropped, the people of Utah shouldn’t be satisfied yet, there is still at least one death a day from this still. Utah should be satisfied when the number reaches zero deaths a day and year.
Utahns feel that they should be satisfied that the numbers have dropped. The way to feel satisfied in this situation would get the number to at least zero. That would give the satisfaction for the people to know that Heroin deaths aren’t there at all.

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