Unite the Extracurriculars

Kadie Gorman, Lifestyle Writer

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Kearns-Participating in the extracurriculars provided by your school is an excellent way to get a greater experience and motivate you to do better in school. In the recent interview the Cougar Claw asked Montse Serna how extracurriculars benefited her in school. She expressed, “It helps me stay motivated to keep my grades up so I can play in the games”.

Extracurriculars are group activities at school, pursued in addition to the normal course of study. They are an after school activity that you can be a part of. There is a large variety of clubs and group activities, that you can choose from. The Cougar Claw asked Montse what are some of the extracurriculars you have participated in. She states,” I have been in softball for two years, almost three starting next year.” Here is a list of some of the extracurriculars you might be interested in: Basketball, Dance company, and even the Cougar Claw Newspaper are considered extracurriculars

In these groups you get to experience things that you enjoy doing on a regular. By engaging in any of these extracurriculars you can attain very important life skills by doing things you love to. The Cougar Claw asked Montse what are skills you have gained from this extracurricular activity. Montse states, “There may be rough patches in life, but I have learned with a little effort you can still push through them. “In these activities you can get together with your friends and have fun after school while still participating and showing your unique skills to your peers.

For example, one of the extracurriculars is the basketball team. The basketball team is an extracurricular group where you get to compete with other schools to gain awards. In this group you can get a work out and you get to be hands on and play basketball. Through this individual extracurricular activity, you can attain a scholarship to a college.

In conclusion you should put the remote down and take your mind off other things to incorporate in a group activity. There are many groups to choose from, which all depends on what you like to do, your interest, and what you strive to succeed in. I hope that you enjoy these groups and have a fantastic time in whatever high school you’re in.