Venom Did Not Meet Many Expectations

Marty Tenifa , Student life writer

As of October 8th, Venom has a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, a popular movie rating platform, and it is well deserved. Many people were under the impression that this movie was going to be rated R and keep a darker, more venomous tone, but when it was released in theaters it was given a PG-13 rating and many say it was a very casual PG at that. This comes down to opinion, but it switches between a comedic theme to a scary, more horror like theme. And the rating sugar coated Venom’s more villainous qualities. In an interview conducted by the YouTube channel Comics Explained with Tom Hardy (Edward Thomas Hardy), the actor playing Eddie Brock said his favorite scenes in the movie were the 40 minutes of footage that never made it to the final release of the film.

This makes it seem like the lead actor doesn’t even stand behind this film. They also cut some important scenes that play big roles in the trailers for the film, giving things away and making the storyline predictable.

Many scenes tend to end very abruptly and it makes it look like the scene was cut off, and this could be very likely due to a full 40 minutes being cut out of the final film. This is most noticeable in the fighting scenes. They let the fight go on for a bit, cut away from it to some dialog, and then when it returns to the fight it is over and you will have basically miss half of the fight. It can seem like they intentionally tried to cut out all death scenes to get the PG-13 rating. This can take away from the dramatic tones they set.

On top of this most of the fighting scenes seem slightly repetitive and half heart on the producer’s side. Many of Eddie and Venom’s scenes seem like they could be bonding, but then are cut short as soon as they begin to seem meaningful towards the plot of the story. This makes the plot of the movie very incohesive when it comes to the flow of how things happen,

there’s are even major turning points that were cut from the movie that played crucial parts in the main plot.

One good example, is a scene where Venom tells Eddie that the planet will soon end and die and that he thinks that can do whatever they want, hen in the next scene Eddie betrays Venom and forces him to leave, then Eddie gets captured and Venom sneaks into the facility he was brought to in order to save him, stating that Eddie changed his mind. It never shows us when his mind was changed most likely because it was cut due to it being to mature to get the PG-13 rating that Sony wanted.

The final fight scene was very disorientating and confusing, the way they had Venom fight Riot, the main antagonist, made everything very hard to follow. The main reason for this is the antagonist, Riot who is nearly the same color as Venom, along with the lack of brightness in the scene, it can make it very hard to tell the difference between the two at times.

Another problem with Riot is that he looks just as incredible as Venom does, but he only gets a sum of about 15 minutes of screen time. This was disappointing as many people could have possibly never knew riot was a thing and he is hardly in the movie at all. Also, many of Venoms scenes happen at night, this along with Venoms inky black skin makes it hard to admire the work they put into his character. By making Venom with no affiliation to spider man, they had to edit Venom’s outfit and make one without the spider symbol and it seems like they originally had it on his back from the way the veins are shaped.

On top of everything that went wrong with this film, Sony continuously tried to incorporate and confirm that this Venom would be in the Marvel cinematic universe, with Tom Holland’s Spider-man, but this was not true due to Marvel studios turning down the offer. Along with this Sony has confirmed other Spider-man villain movies, making an extended Spider-man universe, but the problem with this is that they do not have a Spider-man to go in this universe after the idea being turned down by Marvel Studios.

There were some positives, mostly venom being appealing to look at, and they used Venoms powers in some unique ways, and Tom Hardy gave a very good portrayal of the character Eddie Brock.

The back and forth between Venom and Eddie is golden and by far the best things in this film, it can give you a throwback to the Tobey Maguire spider man film, where doctor Otto Octavius has the second voice in his head that only he could hear, only this time the viewer can understand it as well and it makes the interaction between the two much better. even if they were cut a little short, this can make the movie much more entertaining to some, but it also makes it so that when Eddie and Venom aren’t on screen, you’re left with something very dull and can just waiting for them to come back on screen. This makes the rest of the movie oddly bland compared to Tom Hardy’s scenes. But in the end, it just wasn’t as satisfying as everyone wanted it to be, and the movie in a whole was not as good as it was expected to be.

Sony is however teasing towards the release of a sequel to the film featuring Venom and a more well-known villain named Carnage, if they fix the problems they had with this film, mainly the censorship and choppy editing to the scenes, this could have the potential to be an incredible film.