It will never be a laughing matter.


Brianna Osness, Editor in Chief


Utah -The second leading cause of death for people in the age range of 15-44 is suicide here in Utah, According to the National Association of Suicide Prevention.  Yet we live in a world where Teens and adults talking about taking their lives is a joke and something to laugh about with friends. As suicide increases as a problem we as a society have become numb to its effects. Our state is fifth overall for having a high suicide rate. And constant efforts are being made to promote help and health, yet students especially have developed a knack to ride off the seriousness of suicide.

In Provo, Utah, after an unfortunate public interaction with Suicide, students at Brigham Young University began to question the true accessibility to Help. Re-evaluation of counselling center lines and the ability to talk to confidential and certified adults. But it’s not just adults who people who are struggling can talk to, It’s students. The narrative that fellow peers can provide using even minimal SAFEtalk guidelines in conversation could save lives. (safe talk is a half-day training that provides people with training to pick up on signs and mannerism of someone who might be having suicidal thoughts) But, peers and fellow student have to be willing to listen.

There are way to make those around us feel welcome and safe. It starts with us peeling away apathy, and recognizing and respect for everyone’s right to existence.

The national suicide prevention lifeline states on their website “Take your loved one seriously: Some people feel that kids who say they are going to hurt or kill themselves are “just doing it for attention.” But if your child, friend, or family member confides thoughts of suicide, believe them and get help.”

Suicide is something that can be prevented through awareness. There are ways to notice and support pears who might be struggling by being aware of signs, showing empathy and encouraging them to find help.