More That Just a Singer

More That Just a Singer

Kayla Clevenger, Staff Writer

Kearns- Brendon Urie is known by the world mostly for his band “Panic at The Disco”. The top three songs that people recognize Panic by are

“I write sins not tragedies”, “This is gospel”, and “High Hopes”.

What people don’t know is that the singer songwriter has donated money to communities and has partnered with industries to give back to the people who have not just supported him from the beginning, but who also are in need.


In between his tour Brendon partnered with State Farm and went into different communities to talk to kids and even adults about their inspirations and was giving them courage and confidence to go for what they love and don’t hold back. While he was there talking with them, he was teaching them how to play instruments that they love or he was giving mini singing lessons, and he was also drawing with some talented people. The people he visited with were very talented and he didn’t want their talent to go to waste.


Along with his partnership with State Farm, Brendon has also donated millions to the LGBTQ community. Brendon loves his fans and being able to do the best he can to give back to them for keeping him inspired to do the things he does and what helps makes him be a better person every day. Brendon has a song “Girls, Girls, Boys” talking about being gay and he sings this song every concert with a rainbow flag and will even grab some flags from his fans up close and wear them during the song then give them back after. Brendon loves to show appreciation for everyone no matter who they choose to love or what race they are.


Many people have been touched by all the kind acts that Brendon has done. He is someone that anyone can relate to and feel comfortable with because he is as big of a dork as anyone else and isn’t afraid to show it. With Brendon being the person, he is.

He has made people all around feel more confident with being who they are and being able to speak up for themselves. His fans, even adults have talked about how listening to Brendon’s music and following him on the journey that he’s gone on with helping big communities and reaching out to people who are in need make being a follower of his feel like they are friends and family to and with him.


There are many people here at Kearns High School that have been touched by Brendon Urie’s actions.

Both Jill Whiting and Ally Levanger have said that he has helped them have a voice and be more confident in themselves. Along with the confidence he’s helped them not be so afraid to be who they truly are out in the public eye. They also feel that they have someone to relate to even if they don’t know him personally and being a fan of his has opened them up to a whole world of a new family full of friends, that are more like them then people they have known their entire lives.

Jill said that ever since she’s been a follower of Brendon, she always feels inspired by him to do and be better from seeing all the things he does for people outside of the music.  Brendon Urie has given many students and even adults who were and are lost a reason to smile and reason to be happy but most of all he has given them all love, friends, family, and a voice.