I Am Simply Me A Highlight on Ms. Allen

Bea Williams

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Kearns- Who do you think of when you hear the word hero? You may think of Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, and Superman, but for many people at Kearns High School, Janell Allen comes to their mind.

Ms. Allen teaches world geography and sociology here at Kearns High, and coaches for the volleyball team. She grew up in West Jordan but was just outside of the Kearns boundary. She had the intention of enrolling at Kearns because she had previously attended all of Coach Ostberg’s basketball camps in her youth, she ultimately decided on going to Copper Hills when she found out he was coaching the boy’s basketball team. The Cougar Claw asked Ms. Allen about her hobbies. “My hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and giving students a bad time (teasing them!)  She explained.

The Cougar Claw interviewed Kelsey Taylor and asked her how she would describe Ms.Allen, “She is funny, kind hearted, and genuine.” She went on to say, “When I was in her class a couple of years ago, I could definitely tell she just was so genuine and truly cared about the success of her students. She was the same way as my volleyball coach too. She is just very sincere and really does want us to succeed and tried multiple ways of getting to that point until she finds a way that works for us.”  To finalize everything she was lastly asked what sets Ms. Allen apart from most teachers, “Something I really like about Ms.Allen is that she is understanding and tries to build a relationship with all of her students. She is so funny and has a positive attitude when teaching that makes you actually want to be in her class and want to learn.”

One last thing Ms. Allen added in was, “I honestly don’t know why these crazy kids voted me as a hero. I am simply me. I don’t do anything special I just try to do what is right/best for the students. But it makes me feel pretty darn good, so thanks.”

Most days you can find Ms. Allen in her classroom doing what she loves and some days you will see her strolling the halls greeting past and present students flashing her award winning smile that so many at Kearns love.