Flourishing Peer

Preston Tischner

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Isabel Flores is a wonderful person some say, according to a recent KHS survey. People say she has a really big smile and spreads cheer to everyone around her. She is friends to everyone, she can make people laugh and cheer them up when they are sad. She sets a great example for her peers. She is in the MESA club and orchestra. The Cougar Claw interviewed Isabel Flores, she didn’t expect to be interviewed by the Cougar Claw. She thought it was for a survey for something irrelevant.

The Cougar Claw asked if she thought smiling at people makes them happy. Isabel responded with, “Yes, pretty small but incredible by spreading the joy can make someone’s day”.

Isabel was then asked, what feeling do you get when you make others happy or remove negativity? She replied with, “Accomplished, positivity is the way to go.” On one of the surveys one student said, “Isabel Flores is a hero for making me happy and removing negativity” this person really likes Isabel for what she does with students.

The Cougar Claw asked Isabel, if she expects someone to be nice to you when you’re nice to them. She said, “No, some people don’t respond to happiness.” It can remind them of something they had in their life which made them happy. “When that does happen I feel bad and get uncomfortable”.

Isabel Flores is a hero to people, a really great person, she has students who look up to her. She is caring for others and doesn’t want to make anyone feel bad. There are people who do really look up to her. People have her back when she needs it because she helps others so much. Smiling has been a benefit in her life and gives others the power to get through the day happy.