Keep It Going!


Caytlin Pendleton

Kearns- Many people go through hard times, but when it happens what do people do? Do they break down? Do they lift themselves up? Or do they just sit there and hope for something better?

There are people at Kearns High that lift themselves up when a challenge arises for them. Nick Roach had such a challenge when he broke his back two years ago in an accident. Nick was on a climbing wall and the rope wasn’t in the right spot, so he fell about 30 feet. Nick broke his sixth vertebrae in his back and blew a disc, but luckily, he wasn’t paralyzed.

People believe that Nick is a hero because he didn’t back down when he got hurt; however, Nick did admit that it held him down at times but didn’t stop him. “I had important things to do, keeping my grades up was one of them,” Nick said when asked why he didn’t let his injury hold him down.

The Cougar Claw had the opportunity to interview Nick, about the situation of getting hurt. “I stayed myself and kept my grades up. Even though I got hurt, I kept going,” he replied.

Nick is very popular around Kearns High being a runner in Cross Country and being a great friend to all. He is there offering a helping hand. His sister, Aurora Roach, is happy to have a strong relationship with him. “My brother is one of the strongest and one of the wildest people I know. He’s always there to put a smile on a person’s face and guide them into the right direction,” Aurora told the Cougar Claw.

“I would like to say to the student body at Kearns High, even though you have hardships make sure that you don’t hold yourself down when getting hurt. Keep being who you are even when something jumps in your path of life,” Nick said.