“Better Your Best”


Caytlin Pendleton

Kearns- The Kearns High English classes did a school wide survey, which surveyed many students, asking what faculty member they thought was a hero. Over 30 people said Mr. Busath was their hero. People believe that he is a hero because he doesn’t only help people in the school, but helps them in the community.

Mr. Busath has been a teacher at Kearns High School for many years. He teaches Spanish and is the head of LIA (Latinos In Action) and had never had this kind of nomination in his career.

The Cougar Claw had the opportunity to hold an interview with Mr. Busath and ask him what he gets when he helps somebody out either with grades or with life. “It feels good, some of the best parts of being a teacher is seeing students and others, whether in school, or not in school becoming better and doing better than they could have done. So that brings you great satisfaction to see them light up when they catch onto something,” he replied.

Mr. Busath was surprised when he figured out that he was nominated as a hero for students, because he doesn’t help people for himself, he does what he does for the people around him. Constructing LIA is just one of the things he does.

The Cougar Claw asked Mr. Busath why he feels that helping people and students is the best thing in life. “If we weren’t supposed to help people out, we wouldn’t be on this planet all together,” he said.

“When you are helping someone, you are also helping yourself. Whether you feel better about yourself or creating opportunities for yourself, you find yourself you really have to lose yourself. A way to do that is serving others and helping others and leaving the place you were better than you found it.” Busath said.

Busath believes that helping people makes you a better person, he is a hero in many people’s eyes.