Sluffing throughout schools

Bryan Martinez, Community Staff Writer

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Today I’m going to talk about how much teenagers really be missing school and losing so much of their education. That’s why the rate of teenagers being able to graduate has been getting lower since 2015. On the country’s average of students sluffing is 3% out of all the 50 states, Oregon lids with 23% of students sluffing and not showing up to school. In result we have more unemployed people who choose not to go to school now suffer the problems in life way harder than those who did with that it really does come show we need school more than anything because this how this world works. To more inform you on how much school is missed up to 15% of students leave 1 outs 10 days.


Most students don’t realize how much this really affects you and your learning. Most students life is all fun and games that’s why most do not go to school from being one of those kids thinking high school isn’t that important but it actually is now I’m struggling to graduate with my class from firsthand experience sluffing isn’t worth it just stay at school get your credits because if you don’t then it’s going to bite you and you’ll regret it at the end of the day. So just stay at school and get your education it’s the most needed thing in this society to be successful and have food, clothes, car, etc it’s not going to be possible if you don’t graduate nothing at all.

As I’ve been saying school is the most important part of life because if you don’t take it seriously Then your future itself is going to be one hell of a problem people do not think that all when they decide to leave and not attend school. Students really do need to realize all these choices well affect their future even present life this topic isn’t even talked about as much as it should this is so important to me and it should to other students in this country.


In conclusion school should be taken more seriously than it has been lately school is such an important part of life and a person’s future like it’s the only you’ll start making money and make bigger and better moves for yourself, also the people all around you. As it’s been said by teachers school should be your biggest priority to your life it’s honestly the only to get on the road of success for the better life you could have with having education and if you do not go to school life is going to be more difficult than it should so do you really want to have the big of a struggle for something you could’ve done to have a better and healthier life. Put all of this to consideration for your own sake so you don’t suffer later on fighting to live life and not be homeless because if you don’t go to school. That’s what’s going to happen so every student who

Is reading this consider everything that was said and talked about all I can say now is good luck.