The Four Core Classes

Korbyn Casazza, Community staff writer

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Kearns- Schools have four main required classes: Math, Science, English, and History. These classes you think may not help with your planned career path, which you may be right but people go through several career changes in their lifetime and a class you believed was of no use could be what helps with one of your future careers. If you wanted to go into welding you can argue that a history or English class may not help, and you’d be undoubtedly right, but what would you do if you had a career change that those classes would have helped you in. Students complain all the time about how they don’t need their English class or that the Pythagorean theorem won’t help them in their daily life. Everything around us was possible because of math and science, our comprehension is thanks to language arts or English, and we wouldn’t know about the past without history. I sat down with Senior Izac Maynes-Anderson. And asked him what he thinks of the four core classes and in response he said this: “I feel like the four core classes are not always needed because they aren’t employed in every job. You don’t need to know what chemicals to mix when flipping burgers. You don’t need to know MLA format if you fix cars. You don’t need to know who the fifth president to fix someone’s sink.”