Money Decisions

Angelea Scott, News staff writer

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Kearns -Have you ever wondered what new gadget to buy under the best price? Or maybe the latest fashion trend. Well I’ll tell you what you can do to help yourself obtain the best of the best and even more! How to help set yourself up for financial success. Learning to negotiate your options with creativity when buying will indeed create excellent purchases, so NO impulsive spending on “Stuffit’s” a.k.a, the “worship of stuff”. Dave stated that “America is one of the richest countries in the world, but still most families don’t have 1,000$ saved in the bank”, therefore any out of the blue financial block you run into in life could leave you struggling one way or another. Spending more money than you make is possible so being aware of taking control of your spending transactions.

Some handy advice from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited is to set up a financial plan, it’s very important because it will help you organize your daily life by setting budgets and goals. Budgeting how much you spend on groceries, how much gas you will use per week, insurances and bills, etc. Make a set amount of funds that are needed, then you should also prepare for emergency funds such as one for fixing your car and a separate fund for hospital situations and the things you want to save up for, or maybe a fun night out.

The Cougar Claw  interviewed a reader of the book, Giselle who has took advice and followed through, she claims “learning the way money works has changed my life around from the way I think and act and not only that, it boosted my relationship from being able to manage our lives without the stress.” The importance is even if you can manage your money as two, it helps you build more foundations of safety and goals to achieve. Being said, the money that you set aside in advance should always be added on to and it’s easier to pretend the money doesn’t exist (so you’re not tempted to use it) until you really need it, then cash will be available, so times won’t be stressful. Save yourself the peace by simply limiting your lifestyle based off your personal income, so in the long run you’ll achieve bigger gains.