Construction Jobs

Maddy Littleford, Editor In Chief

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Kearns- Last year Utah experienced one of the biggest, most profitable booms in our economy. In 2018 over 48,000 new jobs were opened to Salt Lake residents.

Educational services and trade jobs are part of our 3.3% increase in job pace, or in other words, how quickly you can expect to be working a paying job.

Utah is rated third in the nation for job growth behind Nevada and Idaho according to the Economic Reports to the Governor. As of July 2019, Utah’s unemployment rate dropped to a 10-year low of 3.1% this is the lowest our unemployment has been since 2000.

There are four major job sectors that have been growing and contributing to this growth. Construction is one of the biggest sectors that have helped Utah not only pick up the unemployment rate but also help expand and beautify the greater Salt Lake area. Construction and trade have over 900 jobs that have still yet to be filled.

This also ties into the residential boom of 20% Utah has experienced for almost 2 years straight, but with 53,000 documented new residents there needs to be new housing property, roads and even highways.

As of 2017 Utah has started many construction projects that have yet to be finished or have just barely been finished. For example, the SLC International airport started construction in 2017 and isn’t planned to be completely done until 2024. Billions have also been spent on building a new state prison and reconstruction of some major roads and highways.

The Cougar Claw reached out to a few Udot representatives, asking how many companies they believe are hiring currently. The representative responded “There are over 1,782 jobs in the Salt Lake area with quite a few businesses that are looking for employees. They gave us a few links to companies who are hiring.

Intermountain Slurry Seal $16-18 per/hr. – (800) 595-0452

Pearson Modular Contracting $11-19 per/hr. -(801) 557-0517

Whitaker Construction co. $17-22 per/hr. (435) 723-2921

Smart Trades- $15-16 per/hr. (801)-613-9628