Athlete of the Month – Anthony Gonzalez

Juan Villa, Sports Staff Writer

Kearns- The season for the Kearns High soccer team is coming up fast. The team is full of very competitive players.

To get a look into the Kearns High soccer team, the Cougar Claw interviewed Anthony Gonzalez, “It’s been good. I’ve been playing since my freshman year. I’ve really seen growth with my teammates and have had fun times, special moments in the game while getting closer as a team.” Gonzalez states.

Anthony Gonzalez was asked if he thinks the win or loss ratio affects his teammates’ morale? He responded, “Yes but also no. When having a three-win streak, our energy really went up, people started to notice us more. When losing a game, it would just shut us down. I can see it affected my teammates.”

Anthony Gonzalez was asked how he feels about the progress of the soccer team from his freshman year and last year here at Kearns High School. Anthony Gonzalez stated, “Honestly we’ve been developing from freshman year. one gets better showing more pride and having more love for the game. We have been doing great, we hope to improve on the small things.” When having positive chemistry with your teammates, it brings out a bigger result for the team.