What Is Kearns High Doing to Support the Mental Health of Students?

What Is Kearns High Doing to Support the Mental Health of Students?

Marylinda Gonzalez

Marylinda Gonzalez, Community staff writer

Kearns-There is a certified social worker and even a psychologist whose jobs are to support students with their issues, specifically mental health issues, at Kearns High School free of charge because when the needs of students are not met it can pose a threat to their success in school, and in life. The Cougar Claw was unable to meet with the psychologist for input, but was able to interview the school’s social worker, Tyson Harris, instead.

He is available 5 days a week and can be found in the Counseling Center. His job description entails the support of any student who needs it- whether it be academic, behavior, or social & emotional learning. He meets with students & talks with them about their issues. In these meetings he teaches healthy coping skills & ways to resolve issues.

He can help out with family issues as well and problems like not enough food, clothing, or not being able to afford Christmas. Another school resource is an after-school program called “MeTime” which caters towards students with mild depression & anxiety.

It is a program offered once a week for six weeks, and incentives like gift cards are used to encourage more students to join. In this program students meet with others who are dealing with similar issues & together they learn healthy coping mechanisms. There is always the SafeUT App, and the Hope Squad which helps the school identify students who may need extra help.

The Granite School District has partnered with organizations such as Valley Behavioral Health Youth Services that offers eight free counseling sessions for youth. Something to note is that students must have parents’ permission if they begin to regularly meet with the school social worker or psychologist as it is district policy, but if a student is suffering from extreme distress they will not turn you away. All the resources offered at the school are free. The key to meeting the mental health needs of students is raising awareness. If you or any of your friends need help you can always reach out to the resources at school.