Utah’s Artists


Kadie Gorman

Kadie Gorman, Student Life Staff Writer

Kearns- The Utah Arts Festival is one of the most remarkable outdoor events in Utah with at least 80,000 attendees each year according to (foxnews.com). Which took place on the 4th weekend in June 23rd -26th of this year. It was held downtown in Salt Lake City at the Library and Washington Squares. (200 East 400 South, Salt Lake City)

During an interview with Chad Zielinski, the art teacher here at Kearns High School Cougar Claw asked about his thoughts on why he personally attends this festival. Zielinski replied with, “Not only are there great judges watching, but also the killer food, it’s like a museum in the park.”

The festival supports art including things like sculptures, woodwork, wearables, and along with various activities and numerous film screenings. (Meaning there is a display of a motion picture or film.) generally shows a special part of a film’s production. There truly are so many different forms of art being celebrated at this outdoor event.

The Cougar Claw continued to ask Zielinski his thoughts on why people should attend this event where he replied, “I suggest everyone should attend at least once because I know they would be able to find at least one artist they are interested in.”

The extraordinary festival not only promotes, but also celebrates all forms of art. It provides a place for people all over Utah to express their own art  in a comfortable environment where they are introduced to new forms of art themselves. It provides a great adventure for your family or even just friends.