Women of Kearns High

Caytlin Pendleton, Managing Editor

Kearns- At Kearns High we are surrounded by strong female figures, the Cougar Claw would like to highlight two strong, independent, women, not only are they strong and independent they are also new to Kearns High School. These two ladies are Vice Principal Ms. Johnson and Officer Mahoskey. These women have made a difference in our school and our community.

Ms. Johnson is the Vice Principal of Kearns High School and is over the Freshman class. Last year she was an intern here at Kearns High, trying to learn the ropes around the school and community.

She works with a program called Equal Opportunities that is working with getting students interested in honors courses and AP courses, this program is being introduced to Kearns High this year.

Before becoming Vice principal here, she originally is from Taylorsville High school, she states “Before I came to Kearns High, I was at Taylorsville High for 17 years, so all of my experience has been at a High school level, so when they moved me to administration, the district assigned me to Kearns High School.”

Johnson feels very passionate about getting every student to where they want to be successful, she wants to be a helping hand, not just for Freshmen, but for everybody at Kearns.

Working alongside Ms. Loo, Mr. Wooldridge and Mr. Hansen, she has a feel to develop a new person to try to fit in, but she feels strongly that knowing how to interact with the staff and the students is something that will make her shine.

Officer Mahoskey is new to the school, she was assigned to Kearns High School, from Unified Police Department, since Officer Talbot got transferred last year. She is here to educate and protect the student body.

“I may not be as strong and as big as some of the men on the line of duty, but it’s just knowing how to use basic tactics and know what to do in certain situations,” Mahoskey stated.

“I love my job, and I honestly don’t see myself doing something else,” she stated.

Both of these ladies are new to Kearns High, but they do show that they can handle themselves, and that they are ready for whatever the year may come.