Hurricane Dorian Rips Up the East Coast

Dixie Poindexter, News Senior Editor

Kearns- Hurricane Dorian has made landfall within the Bahamas, and Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on Thursday morning. Dorian has brought high winds, heavy rainfall, and major flooding everywhere it has hit. With wind speeds now hitting 90 mph, with gusts of up to 115 mph.

Dorian has been identified as a Category 1 hurricane. It is moving in the North East direction at 16-17 mph. Across South Carolina 200,000 homes have had their power knocked off by storms and tornadoes, with 20 tornados reported among the Carolinas.

While the Hurricane has slowed down it is still causing a lot of damage to states within the south eastern Coast. According to ABC news, hundreds of people may be trapped on Ocracoke island in North Carolina. It has also threatened New England, Nantucket and other areas near Boston with heavy rainfalls. It is hypothesized that seas could build from 12-15 feet.

One important factor to consider during disasters such as this one, is not only the physical damage done by natural disasters, but the economic ones as well. The economy is entirely affected by issues like this.

In an interview with Mr. Pritchard, a teacher at Kearns high, stated that while the full effects are yet to be fully known, it has a large effect on jobs, tourism, and of course causes damage to home. The hurricane also affects the industry for fishing, or restaurants common for tourist visits.

Natural disasters such as Hurricane Dorian sets back entire communities. When these disasters happen they are likely to set off the economy of the area affected, and cause damage to homes and businesses. It is important in these situations to stay together as a community to help those most affected by the disaster.