Construction During Winter

Joana Gregorio Ibanez

Kearn- As the season changes in Utah and winter is coming, there will be a big change in the construction. The process to finish a house during a winter takes longer than it normally does during the summer. Houses that have already been built but need some finishing touches need to be covered in plastic. After the houses are covered, they need to place heaters around the house to keep themselves warm.

After it gets warm, the place goes muddy. Workers must wear a lot of layers of clothing to keep themselves warm. Houses during winter take longer to build.  According to Stucco color design “Homes take about three to four months to reach completion during summer, however it can sometimes take up to six months depending on the weather, construction supply delay, and any requested customer design changes.”

Houses that must be built from scratch are harder. If the owner wants a basement, then the workers must remove the snow. To finish removing the snow it depends how many workers are assigned to the area. These workers must work in the cold without heaters. After they start to dig and build.

The person that was interviewed is named Antonio Silva Soriano. He works for Stucco color design. He was interviewed by text message. The first question was, how many hours do you work during the winter? Do you work more during winter or summer or is it the same? He answered saying “I work 8 hours during winter, and I work more during the winter.”  How do you keep yourself warm? “By wearing a double sweater.” Do you earn more money during winter or summer? “I earn more during summer because I work longer hours” How much do you think the company spend during winter? “I don’t know how much the company spend to make a house” what type of shoes do you have to use during the winter? “During winter I use special shoes for the snow.” How dangerous is it to work during winter? “It’s dangerous work during winter because basically everything is frozen and slippery. That makes it dangerous to work. It’s difficult to work during the winter because of the cold which makes everything freeze and the temperature drops, and it doesn’t allow us to work like we should. Working during winter is complicated then working during summer.”