Pin it to Win it

Juan Villa, Sports Reporter

The Cougar Claw has chosen Joseph Mize for  player of the month on the  Kearns High School  wrestling team. Hard work is  one thing, but what pace and determination really break  down to is what is needed in  keeping focus. Mize stated,  “I would say the nerves are  definitely there. It’s my first and last year doing wrestling. I’m enjoying it now and hoping for the best of what comes through the season.”

Joseph is prepared and is excited for the matchup. This is a good sign of positivity and looking forward to a good result in his first matchup. “I am in the 170’s spot of the JV team. I will be working harder in my cardio to move into the 150-weight class,” Mize stated.
Mize is improving and working harder to get in the position he wants. It’s clear that losing the weight will be his satisfaction of his wrestling season and reaching a spot for the weight class he wants.
Joseph stated, “The weight loss is pretty easy and eating healthy meals every day, just pushing and getting closer to my goals each day coming forward.”
Mize is gaining improvement and continuing his focus on the season. His determination is very powerful and inspiring for others on the team. “It strengthens your mentality and keeps you in a positive mindset for the future and leaves a big impact on your mind and mentality,”
Mize stated Joseph has emotion for the sport and is having a great time in the season. Compassion and focus are big keys for any sport and it really shows when talking with Joseph Mize.