Frozen Two: a Movie Review

Kadie Gorman, Senior Community Editor

Six years ago the original Frozen came out, and now Frozen II. This film contains lots of action and peril as a threat has come to the kingdom of Arendelle, and it’s up to Elsa, Anna, and the others to find the source of what’s preying on their homeland.
During an interview with Kelsey Forsyth, a viewer of the film she said, “ I loved it not only does it give a peek into sisterhood it had gorgeous animation, and wonderful new characters,” Forsyth expressed.
Starting out with a flashback to the King & Queen of Arendelle telling the young Elsa and Anna a bedtime story about a magical enchanted forest and the earliest people of Northuldrans that live there, along with the elemental spirits of air, water, fire, and earth.
The bedtime story seems to suggest there is more behind the reason Elsa has magical powers. In the present, Queen Elsa starts getting distracted by a siren call that only she can hear. As the voice’s pull gets stronger, Elsa realizes that elemental magic is hurting her kingdom, so she sets out to find the long-hidden forest.
Elsa the Snow Queen and her sister Anna take on the adventure with their friends, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. The group makes it to the enchanted forest, and the two sisters learn more about their parents’ deaths.
They even encounter a long-missing group of Northuldrans and Arendelle soldiers, who’ve been trapped for decades. Elsa eventually comes up with her plan to use her powers to save Arendelle to restore peace with what’s left of the Northuldrans.
“It was great, I definitely enjoyed the movie and would see it again.” Said Forsyth.With help from their friends they all came together to come up with a plan to save everyone and Arendelle itself. A great idea would be to grab some friends and make a trip to your local movie theater.