Locals Donate to Cougar Claw

Bridget Thornock, Community Reporter

– In October, the Cougar Claw opened a donation account on GoFundMe to fund their transition to a community paper. People can pick up the paper at several local businesses. Donations help the Cougar Claw pay for building programs, printing costs, and the website Cougarclaw.org, as well as equipment such as cameras, tripods, lighting, and computer programs. As a non-profit newspaper, donations make a huge impact on design, publication and distribution to the community.

Bea Williams, a former student and Cougar Claw writer donated 200$, later stating, “The journalism class is like my second family, they helped me so much and I felt a strong urge to help them in any way possible… I think it would give a lot of exposure to the community considering it covers things going on with the school as well as the real world.”

The Cougar Claw interviewed Chief Brian Lohrke. The Claw asked him what he thinks the articles will do for the community: “[It is] A good flow of information about what is happening close to home. It is an introduction to the people who are helping make the community thrive.”

These articles are for the community and to bring Kearns together. When the Claw asked Bea, and Chief Lohrke if they think this would bring the community together, if so why. Bea explains that it can bring the community together: “Yes, because we would have the newspaper binding us together and keeping us up to date on all things going on or coming up in Kearns. It could potentially help smaller organizations in Utah come closer to their community.”  Chief Lohrke also explains: “Absolutely. I believe everyone wants to be part of their community. By showcasing events and activities, people may find ways to get involved.”

The main thing from this article is that the newspaper will help tie the community together. If you would like to donate to the Cougar Claw, just search Cougar Claw GoFundMe. All donations are appreciated. You can also subscribe to the Cougar Claw for 10$ a year, by contacting Kathryn Wilkins through email [email protected]