Things the Way They Were


Kalika Havili, Student Life Junior Editor

At the 2019 Kearns High School’s cultural assembly there was a video played from the first few years of Kearns High School. The video was shot by Assistant Principal Grant Dalton in 1967 and 1968. The man that provided the video is the representative of the first two graduating classes, Lynn Wessman. In September of 2018, it was their 51/50-year reunion. They put this video together to celebrate their graduating year. “The video gives some history about the community of Kearns and it’s community… and the opening of the new Kearns High School in 1966,” Wessman stated.
Everything 60 years ago was so different. Fashion, cars, hair, and trends. The one thing in the video that is still the same is the high school itself. The video shows some of the school activities that were held including football and basketball games, school dances and assemblies.
While honored the classmates that have passed. The other honoring the brave men that served our country in the Vietnam war.
While they were trying to get the reunion together, they made a website where “you can browse by name using the class directory, recent profile updates all biographies and all personal websites,” said Wessman. There are 300 of 382 members of the class of 1968 that are missing from the class directory, meaning that they do not have anything with their name on the class directory. If you know of anyone that was a part of the class of 1968 or know any information about these people, please contact Lynn Wessman by email; [email protected].