Life During 1995 vs. 2019


Caytlin Pendleton Managing Editor

Diana Torres, News Junior Editor

Aimee Duran attended Kearns High and graduated in 1995. On an average day, she would go to class and work after school. She remembers how popular boy bands were and people wearing jeans with the cuffs rolled up.
Aimee told the Claw that, “Since 1995, Kearns High has been growing since the decision to move 9th graders from jr. high into high school, helping the school’s population become more diverse.” Aimee now works as the LMET Specialist and is glad to be back and a part of the staff at Kearns High.
The Cougar Claw also talked to Joel Torres, a former student of Kearns High who graduated in 2019. Joel told the Claw. “On an average day I would go to class and be with my friends at lunch.” His favorite memory was graduation and receiving his diploma, solidifying his hard work.
Joel can even recall the 2016 presidential election and the popularity of SpongeBob memes. Joel and his friends would “Walk the halls for fun or hang out in the school parking lot.” Looking back, Joel misses these memories but is excited to start his adult life and achieve his goals. Joel believes “Kearns is a nice place. It isn’t Harvard, but it’s a place you can call home because of the memories you make there.”