The Miss Kearns Chronicle’s


Bailee Chapman, Student Life Junior Editor

Ms. Kearns is a pageant exclusively for women in Kearns, Utah. As of right now, the Ms. Kearns royalty consists of Analise Flint as Ms. Kearns, Brooklyn Hearndon as first attendant, and Kylie Peasley as second attendant. Ms. Kearns occurs annually and has been a tradition for over 21 years. According to, “Miss Kearns Royalty is not your typical pageant and not a beauty pageant.” Paula Larsen, the Chair of the Kearns Community Council, has “guided young ladies through the art of community service, recognition of self-love and worth and having fun.”
The responsibility of being Ms. Kearns has always been a big deal, especially in past years. Aymee Race was the first ever Ms. Kearns in 1999 when the program was started by Paula Larsen. The main focus of the Kearns royalty is, as Paula states, “Representing the Kearns community who assist with various activities and events, and to help build a positive present and future for Kearns.” The Ms. Kearns royalty also learns life skills that assists them as they graduate from high school and go out into the world.
As the tradition of Ms. Kearns continues, women are encouraged to run for Ms. Kearns and carry on a legacy of royalty.