Treading Closely To Ethnic Cleansing

Austin Wood, News Staff Writer

Since the beginning of a “Peoples war on terror” starting in China on 2014, an alleged 1.5 million people have been detained in concentration camps for re-education, 497,000 of them are children.
This has been labeled by the U.S. commission on China as, “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.” The program was described to the public as “a transformation through education.” Taking people defined as, “extremist holders of a dangerous ideology” and rewiring them to be exceptional members of Chinese society. “Cultural cleansing” began at 7:30 AM where they would sing the national anthem and learn about Chinese language and history.
Before meals, they would be forced to chant, “Thank the Party! Thank the Motherland! Thank President Xi!” Captives are monitored even in their bathrooms and are rarely allowed baths or hygienic care. They would be forced to reflect on “evil beliefs” like their scripture or prayer ceremonies. When they weren’t being interrogated for their political crimes or punished for failing to fully criticize each other’s beliefs. The rules were enforced by psychological torture and beatings, by way of restrictive body suits, tiger chairs, extended solitary confinement or beatings by batons. Psychological torture, severe punishments and government secrecy are all common factors, with china even taking these people from their homes and separating their families to eliminate distractions in the re-education process.
Considering recent controversies with the “Police State” as said by The Guardian, that Hong Kong has become and now treading lines dangerously close to ethnic cleansing. The integrity and stability of China has been thrown into question by world leaders. Though, even with the truth uncovered, no current actions are being discussed to intervene on behalf of the Muslim people, despite many voicing the inhumanity of their existence.